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NIC Global Enterprises

- Assessments: Compliance, Productivity, Customer Service
- Business Set Ups; Accounting, US Taxes Support
- Project Management
- Branding Specialists

- International Protocol Support and Training
- International Relations and Negotiations
- Business and Technical Reports and Translations

- Executive, Management & Staff Professional Skills 
- Diversity Training, Cultural Sensitivity 
- Train the Trainers / Facilitators
- Customer Relations and Etiquette
- Sales and Marketing 

- Resume / CV Preparation 
- Image Consulting
- Interview Coaching
- Individual Income Taxes (US) 
- Personal Financial Coaching

- Defense                                               - 
Hospitality / Tourism, F&B
- Higher Education                             - I
nternational Boards
- Utilities                                               - Auditing 

- Agricultural                                       - Top 500; Multinationals

Business Services for Diverse Industries Worldwide
​Including International Relations/Negotiations, 
General Business, Law, Higher Education, Agricultural, and F&B/Hospitality
NIC Global Enterprises, LLC.
Locations: USA, The Philippines
Associates Worldwide

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What we do best:

Provide critical basic services, resources, and products that fulfill requirements efficiently.

​Your success is our priority.(TM)

We believe in basics.
We love our business.
Our work philosophy is simple:
provide high quality services and products that
represent the highest value to our customers and 
address basic needs of the end consumer.(TM) (C)

We have the experience and skills to help you
with your personal or business (domestic and international) needs: 
North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific.

Our Certified professionals and multilingual staff can support you  

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What we bring "to the table": 
Experience and Education

Meet our organization 

Financial Consultant, Business Manager 

Certified Public Accountant (CPA); educational credentials include Masters of Business Administration,  Accounting, and Bachelors of Business Administration, Accounting. 

Ms. Kirkland is a respected financial expert with over 14 years of experience in all areas of accounting at public and  private organizations. Her knowledge of financial reporting and analysis, general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable can assist organizations of all sizes that face accounting compliance and operational challenges.   Her experience also includes individual and small business taxation in USA.

She has demonstrated her expertise as internal and external auditor, providing sound advice to management regarding noncompliance issues.   Her commitment to excellence in performance and problem-solving has been demonstrated throughout her professional career. 

Ms. Kirkland's personal passion is helping and educating, particularly individuals regarding personal finance questions.  She enjoys teaching how to become debt-free and make wise financial decisions. She has extensive experience with individual coaching, and conducting finance workshops for small and large groups.  

Founder, President, CEO

Internationally recognized management and compliance expert with solid corporate and educational credentials; MBA (Management of Information Technology, summa cum laude); MBA (Business 
Management, summa cum laude); PMI/Stanford University Certified Project Manager (SCPM); BBA (dual majors in Accounting, Management, magna cum laude); Certified Associate Government Project Management (CAGPM); Certified Career Coach (CCC); Certified Internal Audit Practitioner (CIAP) by The Institute of Internal Auditors.

Ms. Canlas is a respected business expert, national and international lecturer, corporate leader, and educator.  She has been recognized as an authority on multiple areas of business, including project management, personnel management, training and development, global business management, international marketing, and business-related cultural issues.  

During her extensive corporate career with multinational organizations, she has demonstrated mastery driving financial and operational initiatives achieving successful results. Her knowledge and experience in diverse industries of the national and international arenas is a valuable resource for any business with growth objectives, or any professional with an assertive desire to excel professionally.  

A recognized expert on corporate operations, global strategic planning, market and product development, personnel management, and international issues, she has written numerous studies, documents and acclaimed articles about these subjects.

Her experience has resulted in increased efficiencies and improved margins for prominent corporations.  Her ability to define business opportunities for start-ups and established organizations has been equally rewarding for professionals seeking to improve their professional competencies and skills.
Ms. Canlas has demonstrated her expertise in personal coaching through successful development sessions for sales, marketing, management, and other professionals with major organizations. She is an awarded educator for leading established European and American universities for undergraduate and graduate-level international business and information technology programs.  Known to most of her students affectionately as Professor K, her presentations in the classroom, board room, or consular meetings, are both interesting and enjoyable, as they open a world of knowledge and experience to the audiences. 

Ms. Canlas has been recognized as a skilled international trade negotiator, appointed by State and city governments as U.S. Special Trade Envoy for consecutive terms adding to nine years, closely working with foreign dignItaries from Asia, Europe, Latin America; served decade-long successive terms as board member of trade organizations such as International Trade Fair Advisory Board of FL, and co-founded the International Protocol Board of West Central Florida.  

Ms. Canlas had the privilege to be a corporate representative to selected meetings with President Reagan.  She also was invited twice to join the University of Oxford's Round Table discussions on globalization, a prestigious honor extended to only forty international trade experts worldwide.  

In addition to providing professional consulting services, Ms. Canlas is available as a speaker and lecturer for business and educational organizations.

US Taxes Associate

Our new hire TBA is a dynamic professional, and an expert in US taxes with an extensive career with numerous accolades for her services helping her customers obtain their maximum tax refund that they are supposed to receive.  

She is very dedicated and competent in her field and liked by all her customers, who trust her confidentiality, knowledge and experience.  Her exemplary career in US and Canada demonstrate a deep knowledge of various environments and accomplishments within various industries. 
She is enthusiastic about her work and of helping her customers, as well as she enjoys supporting multiple community and social causes.

Customer Relations Consultant & Asia Pacific Marketing Executive

Ms. Palma is also responsible for Asia operations of the NICGE Market Trade Division. Customer service and image consulting experience supports Joy's ability to address customer inquiries and provide excellence in her delivery to customers.    

Ms. Palma is a solutions-driven professional.  A graduate from Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, she is also a cosmetologist and a consummate expert in customer service in the service industry. She is energetic, competent, innovative, and a highly reliable management professional.

She has been recognized for excellence in support initiatives in the service industry, in addition to solid experience in marketing.  

Ms. Palma is committed to customer satisfaction and company development of our trade division in Asia. 

Sales Consultant

High performance sales professional with formal educational background as an instructor allows Ms. Haddock to carefuly assess and empathize with potential customers.   

Ms. Haddock is driven to work one on one with individuals and businesses, address their inquiries and offer optimal solutions. She is competent and sympathetic to customer needs.

She has been recognized for superior sales production but also excellence in customer support in the education, retail, and entertainment/tourism industries.  

Ms. Haddock believes customer satisfaction is a priority above sales

Customer Relations Consultant & Asia Pacific Marketing Executive

Solid corporate management experience, extensive knowledge of  product branding and marketing, and customer service expertise provide the foundation that allows Ms. Dizon to provide efficient solutions-driven options to our customers. She is highly competent, innovative, and a highly reliable management expert. 

Ms. Dizon has been recognized for excellence in support initiatives in the service and manpower industries, in management and support roles. These competencies have allowed for direct positive responsiveness from customers and employees.    

She demonstrates daily her committment to c ustomers and company growth.  Based in Singapore, she supports our customers in Asia and other worldwide regions. 

Manager Asia Operations

Awarded executive with expertise in 5-star / 5-diamond hotel and F&B operations; Banquet operations expert; Certified Sommalier; Certified F&B Manager; international relations expert; agricultural business consultant; Degree in Maritime Engineering.    Mr. Canlas has over two decades of F&B global experience including in the luxury hospitality industry and international business;  he is efficiency and solutions-driven, energetic, ethical, competent, and a reliable management professional. 

He has repeatedly been awarded for the highest customer satisfaction and performance  ratings and has solid hands-on experience in 5-star level banquet operations, F&B, prime specialty restaurants, tourism, elite customer service, product quality, and administrative management.  He has been recognized numerous times for developing award-winning banquets service and special events support teams. 

Mr. Canlas has hands-on experience implementing revenue management strategies for major global companies.  He has relevant expertise in critical operational areas that allows him to identify specific issues and recommend valid solutions.  He has been recognized for high-performance leadership and achievement of objectives by luxury and top rated F&B organizations.  His extensive management experience is supported by excellent educational credentials, linguistic abilities and sound knowledge of multiculturalism, vital for market expansion.   
Mr. Canlas is experienced in federal requirements including customs and agricultural inspections by US and other countries.  He can provide guidance in compliance requirements for F&B in USA and Philippines.  

He has demonstrated how to achieve efficiency and profit gains via focused sales techniques.  He has trained many on operational subjects such as trend analysis, timely compliance and EOD reports. He has helped organizations reduce operation costs related to overtime, streamlined operations, inventory reconciliations and tightened internal controls.   Mr. Canlas' has received numerous industry awards for excellence in customer satisfaction and service to high profile/luxury customers. His teams have been recognized for outstanding service by major companies and high-level customers, a testimony to his thorough training and leadership with his team of direct and indirect reports.  

His innovative leadership techniques balance revenue generation, quality, cost, and customer satisfaction for profitable efficient operations. 
His expertise managing international staff, working with global customers, and enforcing adherence to internal/external requirements has been validated throughout his extensive career. He can also provide specific management support and consulting to any size business in the areas of harvesting and agricultural operations in the rice industry. 

The core of our business is SERVICE.
We have the experience and proven successful expertise to assist you managing your career or business requirements.

We can assist you with individual, operational, financial, or strategic concerns.  

We offer optimal solutions to your personal or corporate challenges,  customized to your specific needs. 
Integrity, experience, dedication, researched knowledge and customer responsiveness are the foundation of our service. 

From s et up of your business, preparing for your next international business meeting, facing cultural and language challenges, or ensuring that your staff is able to support required activities to achieve objectives. 
Similarly, management and professionals need to sharpen their skills to achieve professional objectives.  
Businesses face continuous challenges, including outwinning your competition or managing staff to develop the appropriate business strategy.

All projects, small or large, individual or corporate, are important to YOU: therefore, they are important to us. 

It is your success and your future on the line.  
As our customer, we respect you and want to be a partner in your success. 
Contact us: we are confident that we can help you. 


 Top 500 companies; Multinationals experience; Solid credentials

​Your success is our priority.(TM)

Let's meet to discuss your question or challenge.  After a free consultation we will offer you an effective and efficient solution or option(s) in the form of a proposal including a plan with milestones.  You have our commitment that we will work on your request with your success in mind. 

- Start-ups or mature businesses          - Strategic decisions 
- Defense Industry                              - Internal Controls
- Higher Education                              - Auditing 
- Insurance                                         - International Trade Boards
- Utilities                                            - Accounting & Finance          

- Customized individual consulting

  * Resume / CV writing, editing
  * Interview coaching
  * Professional image

  * Public speaking training 
  * Sales training, coaching 

  * Effective presentations

  * Effective networking
  * Successful job preservation
- {
- Personal finances
  * Personal finance coaching
  * US Income taxes, bookeeping

You will be supported by international public speakers, Certified Career Coach, Certified Project Manager, awarded university professors, professional trainers, managers, Certified Public Accountants, financial experts 

- Individual or group training
  (business or technical topics)

- Skills optimization
  Managing personnel
  * Performance assessments
  * Labor conflict
  * Report writing: business, technical  

- Sales and marketing
   * Coaching to close sales
   * Customer retention

- Team building programs

- Image consulting
    * For customer- interactive positions
    * For executives
    * For everyone including youth

- Policy development

- International relations

- Compliance assessments

- Productivity assessment; resource  optimization

- Project management (by Certified PM)

- Industry-specific support  
    * Hospitality, F&B        * Defense
    * Higher education      * Law
    * Farming                      * Utilities
​- Financial Operations 
  * Business setups
  * Auditing 
  * Budgeting
  * Small Business US Income Tax
  * Bookkeeping


02- Where is your career going?

03- Let's talk financial planning 

Look up our monthly podcasts on 
professional, management, and business topics 
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We will announce in advance our LIVE sessions, when you will be able to call in via Skype or email and get an immediate response to your questions!  

Additionally become a member of our Podcast Club for further information about a topic. 

Seminars and personal presentations will be announced on our front page. 


Your finances:  We are here to help you now.

Select one of these areas to learn more...
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Budgeting Benefits
Tax Tips
Emergency Funds
Personal Finance
​ We have the experience and skills to help you with your international needs.              
  North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific. 

  Hiring and managing a multicultural staff is challenging whether they are in multiple locations or all sitting      outside your office door.  Working with global customers can be challenging to your staff.  

  It is not just language, regulatory, or legal issues: there are cultural concerns that must be addressed
  to ensure productivity and customer service is positive and optimal. 

  Interacting individually or while strategizing your business expansion plan within a non-domestic
  environment can be overwhelming if you do not have a BUSINESS PARTNER to help
  you navigate through it.    

  NOW YOU DO: We are here to support you.  We have been there, and done it.
  • Managing and training international / multicultural staff
  • Servicing multicultural customers
  • International meetings and conferences
  • Consular events and cultural events; protocol and international events
  • Trade negotiations
  • International presentations
  • Business strategies
  • Expatriat adaptation
  • Translation and interpreting  (business and technical)
                                                                        CONTACT US:    ​[email protected]
Two decades of experience with industry leaders, and related education, allows us to assist you manage and develop your business.  
From general management issues to developing executive and luxury 5-star / 5-diamond banquet services, we can help.

Restaurants, hotels, and similar facilities, have many challenges:  we have the experience and knowledge to support you.  
  • Managing and training staff
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Retaining customers
  • Record keeping
​We will recommend solutions that typically result in:
  • Improved employee morale
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased sales

 Contact us:
[email protected]
Generations of farming and business experience provides us with the expertise to help you and your business.
  • Equipment Rental 
    • Rice reaper harvesting crop machines increase your harvest productivity with minimal costs​​
  • Logistics and Repairs
    • Contact us for support finding the right supplier or equipment, or for repair service of your farming equipment.  The benefits of these options are important for your business:
      • save money
      • minimize disruption of production​
      • maximize efficiencies
  • Business Management 
    • Learn about record keeping, scheduling, basics of financial records, and managing labor

Benefit from proven experience but do it yourself with confidence
 * CONCISE information available in booklet form or CD
 * Professor K's Lessons for Success© - THE BUSINESS PAMPHLET SERIES©
We have created the following publications for those of you who rather do it by yourself
by reading the minimal content that will provide the highest practical learning experience.
These tools shall help you by following a short list of steps -- whether you are a recent graduate or a 30-year experienced professional.  
Publications in the Business Pamphlet Series©:
  Scroll below to sleect and for details 
   * SUPERVISING TODAY                                                                             * SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATIONS
   * INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS                                                                  * INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION                                        
                                                                                                       (* CD, incl. tax, S/H, additiomal S/H for international orders}  *** Each additional title is $40.   
  If by mail, please s pecify titles selected ; *** USA mailing info: see "Contact Us" section below     
SCROLL HERE TO SELECT each publication: you will be transfered to our store containing product descriptions (then scroll down when transferred to the store; backspace to return here)  

TAKE A PEEK INTO ONE OF OUR PUBLICATIONS - Scroll down to preview Chapter here!


Chapter 1: What should you do BEFORE the interview?
Chapter 2: The Operations Process
Chapter 3: The Checklists
Chapter 4: What should you do on THE DAY of the interview?
Chapter 5: The Myth
Appendix A: The Quintessential Questions
Appendix B: Sample Resume
Appendix C: Interviews On Campus
Appendix D: A Continuous Effort

Detailed know-how information PLUS a  built-in workbook

You may recover your investment cost in the first hour(s) of employment at your new job.
Why spend money in expensive seminars often taught by individuals with no practical experience, who may never have hired anyone?
Buy your CD today which includes a workbook for you to tailor your efforts to your needs, in the privacy of your location.

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Testimonials by attendees to seminars and courses facilitated by Ms. Canlas:

- Mrs. Canlas has a good understanding of the information and she creates a very good learning environment.
- (The session) was challenging and useful in the present day world.
- Straight to the point.
- WOW!
- Extremely effective!

Testimonials by business leaders of global organizations:

Mrs. Canlas: She is very professional and collaborative. Ileana was key in providing the financial direction and leadership for the Data Operations team... Additionally, her positive attitude made her a pleasure to work with. I believe that any company would benefit from Ileana's expertise.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ileana on multiple projects.. and can confidently say that Ileana has a very strong work ethic, is committed to delivering work products on time or ahead of schedule, and is able to work through challenging issues and with difficult external customer related constraints. Ileana has proven that she is a very good team motivator and can lead a team to work cohesively towards success through the completion of a project.

Ileana is a manager extraordinaire with excellent intuition and people skills. I have had many bosses in many settings, and Ileana is, bar none, the most flexible and understanding manager I have had the opportunity to report to.  She offers business coaching to those who want to rise in the ranks and actually cares about those under her. I have professionally and personally benefitted from her management style and business experience.
J.P.- JPInc

Ileana was both one of my instructors while attending graduate school as well as, later, a fellow professor... Ileana was an excellent instructor who always came prepared to instruct her graduate students as well as one who knew how to engage her students in class material.
E.L., PhD

Beyond her professional talents, Ileana Canlas possesses that rare ability to interact with others in a consistently positive manner.  Ileana is an accomplished talented educator, skilled business professional and, most importantly, an exceedingly personable woman who would be a valuable asset to any organization..
T.A.E., DBA, University President 

She is an excellent instructor. The course materials that Prof. Canlas selected reflected the most important topics in international business. She assigned hands on class  project for students. The most important thing about these projects is that all of them are research-based, and after the course work, all students have gained deep insights into the research problems of the projects we conducted. Prof. Canlas is very articulate and can express herself very well both in formal teaching contexts and in informal discussions. She is highly respected as both a person and a professional by all her colleague and business communities. She is very decisive, patient, reliable, confident and enthusiastic about the project that she is involved in. 

Testimonial by international educator on Mrs. Canlas' work as independent reviewer and advisor:

I am impressed by the thoroughness (of your work)..and by the high degree of objectivity with which you phrased your comments.. I was enraptured by the style of your evaluation.  I wish I could reach that level of performance.  I also enjoyed your friendly pieces of advice. I would immediately think of you as the best reviser (advisor) available, even for an Art History exam. 
P.P. - (University Administrator, Professor), Germany

Testimonials by City mayors, Government officials:

We are most appreciative of the time and effort.. your efforts will be of great benefit to our city.
R.G.- US

Testimonials by leaders of institutions of higher learning:

Ileana is a superior professor in both content knowledge and teaching methodology. Well respected by peers and students. I highly recommend her.
M.G., PhD, University President 

Ileana performed all tasks competently and with commitment and enthusiasm. She had always demonstrated the ability to work under pressure and was able to plan and organize successfully to meet deadlines. Her close attention to detail has resulted in meticulous and accurate work. Her strong interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop outstanding working relationships with both her colleagues and students alike. Ileana had the reputation of being one of the outstanding faculty members of the university and highly regarded by the students and staff. 
T.E., PhD

Ileana was an excellent instructor. Students appreciated her knowledge of the subject matter and her real-life experience which she was able to bring to the classroom.
C.E., PhD (Pres., VP)

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Testimonials by foreign executive officers

Ileana was a wonderful instructor who was knowledgeable and enthusiastic which made the learning process easy.
T.N. - RCI




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Personal Budgeting: Benefits

Keys to Getting Started

Budgeting Basics: 
Budgeting is the process of tracking your income and expenses.  Many people cringe when they hear the word budget: they assume it is complicated and takes too much time. 
The reality is that budgets don’t have to be complicated and you can’t afford not to make time.  A budget tells you where your money is going and helps you to achieve your financial goals.

Here are some tips to get started.

1. Start with the Necessities

Expenses such as housing, utilities, gas and food normally don’t change and should be considered first.
2. Track All Your Expenses

You must track all your expenses in order to track your progress against your budget.  No expense is too small.  Tracking all your expenses exposes where you could be wasting money.
3. Take Advantage of Budgeting Tools

There are several application and software tools to help make budgeting simpler.  Microsoft Excel provides basic and detailed Budget Templates.  Free Apps such as Every Dollar and Mint allow you to track spending on the go.
4. Adjust Your Budget For Changes

Expenses change from month to month.  Include expenses for oil changes, gifts, and doctor visits.  Adding these items to your budget will help you plan and avoid surprises.
5. Find Ways to Reduce Spending

When you track your expenses, you can see where you are wasting money.  Eating out, cable, and entertainment can easily add up during the month.  Reducing or eliminating these expenses can save you money.
6. Include Some Money for Play

A common myth is that budgets take the fun out of money. It is okay to add some money for relaxation in your budget.  Moderation is key.
7. You Won’t Always Get It Right The First Time

Your first few budgets may not always work as planned.  That is okay. Learn from your mistakes and continue improving.
8. Get An Accountability Partner

Couples should complete the budget together and agree to hold each other accountable.  Singles should find an accountability partner.  If you know someone is checking on you, you are more likely to stay with the budget you created.         
Emergency Funds: DO NOT Get Caught Without One
Half of all Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck. 

According to a recent survey by Bankrate.com 57% of Americans don’t have enough money to cover a $500 emergency.  This means something as simple as a doctor’s visit or a car repair will wipe many Americans out financially. Some people use credit cards and go deeper in debt and others borrow from friends and family. Emergencies can and will happen, but sadly many of us are not prepared.  This is when desperate times lead to bad financial decisions.

So what can you do?
Start an emergency fund today. 
Simple right?  
But most people say they don’t have any extra money to save. 
If you have the money to eat out, pay for cable, or drink coffee at the local popular coffee house, you have money to save for an emergency fund. 

You can start out with as little as $5 per paycheck. 
Setting up automatic transfer to a bank account that you cannot touch except for emergencies.  Set of goal of $500 if you are just starting. 
Let's talk... we can help you get started on your plan.

It's your future... 
Tax Tips
Every year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires taxpayers who earn income to file taxes.  This is normally a time of relief or great stress dependent upon your expectation of a tax refund or tax due to the IRS. 

Here are a few tax tips you can use to reduce your tax liability this year.

1. Evaluate the Number of Exemptions On Your W-4

One of the first forms completed upon employment is the W-4 form.  This form required by the IRS allows you to determine the amount of tax withheld from your tax pay.  If you normally receive a large refund, you may want to increase the number of exemptions. Why you ask?  When you have more tax withheld than required, you are giving the government an interest free loan.  You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to receive a refund when you can have the money during the year. Increasing the number of exemptions increases your disposable income.  You may also want to consider changing your W-4 if there is a change in marital status or you have a child during the year. 

2. Don’t Miss Out on Deductions
Tax Deductions are available for homeowners, students, and taxpayers with children.  Homeowners are allowed to itemize deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, and charitable contributions.  Your home represents one of your biggest expenses, why not take advantage of the tax deductions.  If you are a student, there are education credits such as the American Opportunity Credit (Hope), Lifetime Learning Credit, and the Tuition and Fees Deduction. The Child Tax Credit of $1,000 is available for children under the age of 17. Dependent upon your income, the earned income tax is also available.  The IRS has requirements to qualify for the deductions listed, but it is beneficial to research these opportunities to save money.
3. Save for Retirement and Reduce Your Tax Liability

Many employers offer 401(k) plans to their employees.  Saving for retirement using a 401(k) plan reduces your tax liability.  A Traditional IRA is   another tool you can use to reduce your tax liability.  Contributions to a  Traditional IRA is made with after tax dollars.  The amount you contribute (up to $5,500 for singles, and $11,000 for married couples) reduces your adjusted gross income and your tax liability.

4. Maintain Records During the Year
It is important to keep your tax documents and supporting documents.  It is recommended you keep your tax return for seven years.  Tax Returns are subject to audit by the IRS. It is much easier to have the documentation prepared than to go back and try to re-create the documents for a tax return. 
5. Stay in Contact With Your Tax Professional
It is important to stay in contact with your tax professional during the year.  Your tax professional can help you find tax credits available to you that can reduce tax liability. They can also help you determine the amount of deductions to take on the W-4. 

Contact us today or your tax professional before making major financial decisions, starting a business, or changing jobs.